Happy Hips Yoga


Happy Hips Yoga

We  hold  all of our emotions in our hips. The weight of trapped energy in the body can hold us back from moving forward in our waking lives. In this hip opening series, allow me to walk you through a series of asanas that will build tension, bringing the old trapped feelings to the surface […]


Winter Warm Up ~ Sexy Spine Yoga

A little something to get your ass-ana moving! The first yoga practice in my winter warm up series to wake up the spine, release trapped energy, fire up the core and elongate the side-bodies. From my heart to yours


Feel Fabulous Flow @ Mijaneaux

   A 75 minute, Vinyasa detox practice to energize your body, calm your mind, open your heart & strengthen your awareness   Wednesdays@ 7PM   March 4th – April 22nd  8 week class commitment $140 Drop in class $20  Click to register Every fashionista deserves to feel fabulous! 3883 York Regional Road 7, Woodbridge, ON L4L […]

From my heart to yours xox

<h2>From my heart to yours xox</h2>

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