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As our souls grow and we dig deeper into the truth of who we are at our core so do our ideas, lifestyles and dreams. What started as a site to open up the conversation to  spirituality, self love and share a few holistic hints has blossomed into the heart of all things life, style and mindful living. Here, Michelle shares her daily tips, tricks and secrets for living a life of luxury that first and foremost feels good on the inside. From champagne taste to any shoestring budget, the truth to living an authentic, joyful life is all about keeping it simple, genuine and honest.

With self -love at the root of it all, Openhartz has everything your heart desires from healthy recipes, fitness, fashion, travel, style, décor, DIY crafts, entertaining, self development, and more. Basically, everything a spiritual girl living in a material world needs to live a life that is forever grounded in high heels. We hope you’ll walk with us and love it as much as we do!



Joanna Salmingo

Go to Girl/ Babe of All Trades

Joanna is a freelance content creator.  Whether it's photography, videography or graphic design, she loves to collaborate with any passionate person on a creative endeavor. A self-proclaimed geek, she loves her superheroes and anime characters, but stays cool with her tumblr sense of style. Follow @thegirlwanderz on Instagram.


Ashlee Tiller

Nutrition Contributor / BA, CNP & BFF

Ashlee is a Holistic Nutritionist, ridiculous foodie and passionate advocate for personal growth and well-being. She loves to read, write, eat, cook, bake, dance in her kitchen and do yoga. She is crazy excited to be a part of the #HartzSquad, and can’t wait to share her knowledge with the Openhartz community to help everyone create their best selves from the inside out. Follow Ashlee on Instagram: @ashlee_tiller.



Dani Carlton

BFA/ Photographer/ Travel Blogger

A photographer with over a decade of experience, this beauty behind the lens has a gift for captivating the true essence of female sensuality and her natural gift shines through her boudoir portraits. A lover of all things travel, make sure to check out her blog Culture Road and follow her adventures one shot at a time @DCarltonphoto.