My Top 10 Netflix and Talk to No One Winter Binges

My Top 10 Netflix and Talk to No One Winter Binges

Forget about #winteriscoming. It’s here. Cold, wet and grey. I like winter in the suburbs. Growing up I actually enjoyed winter. I remember the fresh fallen snow would dance like twinkling diamonds in the bright morning sun. I remember hot chocolate and skating out on the rink my dad would build in the backyard. Winter in the city is a gross contradiction to that memory. It’s a dark, grey bubble of slush. Grim but true. So in the spirit of long nights in ahead, I comprised a little list of binge worthy flicks and eps to keep us all cozy and curled up under that winter blanket.

  1. Grace & Frankie: I love me a strong ensemble. Even more, I love me some Jane Fonda and Lily Tomlin.

  2. Client List: Sexy, salacious & secretive. One episode after the next will have you continue watching until the end of season 2.

  3. Friends from College: Quirky, and hilariously intertwined. You’ll be invested in these twisted relationships from the first 10 minutes.

  4. Girlboss: Need a little dose of feel good SHE-EO inspiration? This is the binge for you!

  5. Schitt’s Creek: Canadian, outrageous and laugh out loud funny. I can’t help but ROFL my way through each episode.

  6. Designated Survivor: Truth be told I haven’t dug into this one yet but I was chatting with a girlfriend this weekend and it came highly recommended. I trust her and it’s next on my list.

  7. Lee Daniel’s Star: Sex, drugs and R & B. From the soundtrack to choreography and drama. this sweet 3 season binge has all the star qualities of a chart topping night in.

  8. Bodyguard: I COULD NOT STOP WATCHING. I guarantee you will be on the edge of your seat. Watch it. Then don’t forget to breathe. That’s all I’m saying.

  9. The Good Wife: Strong female lead, an all-star cast, love and politics all rolled into a courtroom drama. Ten seasons I’m about to watch all over again.

  10. Good Girls: Suburban housewives turned rebel robbers. Don’t mess with these unconventional badass moms.

Bonus. This is Us: If you haven’t jumped on this train yet, please girlfriend get your ticket. Nothing is more raw and loving then the story telling of the Pearson clan and watching the journey of their lives unfold.

Grab your snacks!


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