10 Truths You Need to Know About Yoga Today

10 Truths You Need to Know About Yoga Today

I love yoga. That is a truth. I love how yoga feels, I love how yoga breathes, I love yoga. Here are 10 other truths you should know about yoga right now.


10. Yoga is not a trend. It’s a lifestyle.

9. Yoga is for everyone. No matter your level of experience, age, race or profession there is a yoga class for you and you are always more than welcome. Ego at the door.

8. Sometimes yoga is super irritating. That’s the beauty of it. Yoga reveals all of our “stuff” to ourselves and we have no choice but to show up and address it in the moment. With breath. With courage. With compassion.

7. Yoga is the Montessori of the wellness world. You get to grow at your own pace.

6. Yoga is a practice. Never perfect. Always evolving.


Get Your Asana to Class!

5. Yoga is connection. Community. Breath. Awareness.

4. You can practice yoga anywhere. On the beach. At home. At your desk. On a boat. (Careful with that last one…) You get the idea!

3. Yoga is more than a series of Asanas. Yoga stretches beyond the physical and can be finding patience stuck in traffic. It can look like forgiveness, acceptance, communication, boundaries or something as simple as an inhale followed by an exhale.

2. Yoga feels like coming home. A late night conversation with an old friend. There’s no follow up to that.

1. Yoga is YOGA. Don’t overthink it. Just get your Asana to class! You’re life will thank you for it!



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