How to Love Your Body Right Now

How to Love Your Body Right Now

Grab your copy and check out my Love Your Body Swim Style Must Haves!

Grab your copy and check out my Love Your Body Swim Style Must Haves!

Let’s talk body love!

In keeping with the theme of the summer Love Your Body issue of Canadian Living that I was honoured to be a part of and featured in as one of their #swimsuitmodels, I have put together my Love My Body practices & top 5 ways you can start to love your body more right NOW!

Let’s be honest, our bodies do so much for us every day and it’s time we give them the love and respect they truly deserve. We were not put on this earth just to worry about our dress size! I spent years hating on my body, like so many of us do, trying to make it into something it wasn’t & believing I was less than because I didn’t look l(or thought I didn’t look) like the images I saw in the media. Well, that game and personal torture has ended. I still have my days. I’m human and I’m a woman, we have hormones and sometimes old habits and negative thought patterns can pop their way back in but as a general rule I set the intention every day to love and accept my body as it is with all the affection and appreciation I would give my best friend. The point isn’t to be perfect but to honour the practice, process and progress. I’ve learned that when you treat your body iike you would your best friend, it will love you back. It’s all energy my friends. Try these out for a few days and trust me you will feel and live the difference.

1) Thank it:

Gratitude. Gratitude. Gra-ti-tude!!! Thank your body for each an every inhale and exhale. For the strength it gave you to run that marathon, for the babies you carried, for the healing it has provided and the shelter it gives your organs. Sometimes a quick thought in the moment can pull you right out of that negative derailment.

For example: “My thighs make it difficult to find jeans that fit me right”. Turn it into. ‘My legs are strong and showcase the athlete I have always been and that I am proud to be.’

2) Move it:

Moving your body for 30 minutes everyday is one of the best ways to show your love and appreciation for your body. Sweat helps renew the cells and detox the organs from the inside out. It boosts endorphins, increases energy and automatically puts you in a good mood which then gives you another reason to be thankful for your body (see how that works?!). Excercise isn’t an act of torture it’s a sign of love & respect.


3) Nourish it:

We have heard it many times that we are what we eat. This is so true for me and can greatly affect my mood. Of course I love a fun evening out enjoying a beautifully cooked restaurant meal but as a general rule I’m just better when I eat clean and nourish my container with conscious, fresh, whole foods. If everything is energy, it’s so important to be aware of what we are putting into our bodies. Put in processed, low-vibe, nutrient void foods and you get processed, low-vibe, nutrient void energy. Nourish with fresh high-vibe food and get you get that fresh high-vibe energy. That’s my kind of simple math!

4) Affirm it:

Not only are you what you eat, but you are also just as much what you think and believe about yourself. This practice has become my favourite and truly the most powerful. WRITE OUT YOUR BODY LOVE!!! Put it in your journal or post it on your bathroom mirror. I do both but I love having my affirmations right in front of me especially when i’m doing my hair and makeup for the day. Choose your affirmation, it can be simple - ‘I AM Strong, Healthy & Vibrant’, put it somewhere you can see it every day and repeat it over and over whenever you need that hug from yourself. The more you affirm it, the more your love and energy will be absorbed into your cells and you begin to automatically live from that space without even thinking. It simply becomes second nature.

5) Embrace it:


Truth talk: It’s OK to want to change things about yourself or your body and make improvements as long as they are rooted in the right intention and not seeking the approval of others.

That is what I’m going to say about that.

It’s also super important and necessary to embrace where you are right now because this place - mind, body and soul, is exactly where you are meant to be and will carry you to the next phase in your life. Let me say that again: This place - MIND, BODY & SOUL is EXACTLY where you are meant to be and will carry you to the next phase of your life. So love it right now. Embrace it. Enjoy it. Let whatever story you are holding on to go.

Quick story for you:


I remember going away on a girls trip about 4 years ago and stressing myself out to “loose weight” before the trip. I was so in my head and my own bullshit about it and then I was at the pool on our first day and I had a moment where I thought to myself: ‘I wonder how many of these women drove themselves insane preparing for their trip and now we are all here focusing on our own crap that no one will never notice about us the way we see things about ourselves.’ It was right there and then where I woke up. I decided to change my narrative and I was never going to go nuts for something so trivial again.

Breathe. Love in. Love out. Own your body for the masterpiece that it is and watch your confidence grow!


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