What I've Learned So Far - A List of 35 Truths

What I've Learned So Far - A List of 35 Truths

Another 365 days around the sun.

This type of report isn’t original or new. In fact, I’ve written one before. The truth is I enjoy these yearly reflections and so the tradition continues. In the wake of my 35th birthday, a milestone I feel really good about, I do believe I have a few new pearls of wisdom to add to the strand.  Everyone has their funky stages and I have to admit I have a good bunch of years that have felt a bit like a pair of hand me down pants from a distant relative. A kind gesture and a conceivably good idea at the time but really, in all honesty, definitely not my style. I don’t have it all figured out but I have more figured out than before so I share with you a reflection of 35 truths I’ve learned so far.


1.     You attract who you are. This is true in all relationships, not just the romantic ones. You keep getting unavailable? Girl, dig deep. What are you making unavailable? Clean that shit up. Everyone seem a bit on edge? Where do you need to heal? We are all mirror reflections of one another. Remember this. Remember this in business. Remember this in love.

2.     Meet them where they’re at. People come into our lives for a reason or a season. We might not always know the reason right away but there is always a lesson. Our responsibility to the relationship is not to change the other person but rather to meet them where they are, take the nugget (lesson… remember the mirror thing?), feel the gratitude and move on.


3.     Cellulite is not a reason to not love your body.

4.     Improving your gut health will change your life! Seriously. Like for real. It will change your muscle tone, your confidence, your sleep, your skin, your hair all of it. Digestion Plus for the win!

5.     Don’t dismiss or apologize for opportunities and accomplishments you’ve had to make others feel more comfortable. GIRL! YOU WORKED EFFING HARD! OWN THAT SH*T! CELEBRATE EACH ONE AND KEEP CLIMBING YOUR MOUNTAIN!

6.     You are not your panic attacks.

7.     The boys who ghost you will always come back: Those ones aren’t worth any of it. “New number who dis?” is an acceptable response. Do it with grace because their lack of respect was a gift. Where do you need to love yourself more.

8.     Other people’s opinions won’t pay your bills.

9.     Confidence is contagious.

10. Forgiveness doesn’t have to mean you invite them to your kitchen table. It can be a solitary process. You can forgive from afar and still heal.

11. Boundaries will become your greatest ally. Build them. Set them. If you respect them, others will too.

12. Yoga is everywhere.

13. You are enough.

14. Being financially responsible actually feels really good and is super sexy too.

15. The book won’t write itself.

16. Protect your power.

17. Projection is a real thing. Notice when you are doing it and notice when you are receiving it. Soften both with love and compassion.

18. Be coachable.

19. Invest in your growth.

20. Everything is subject to change.

21. Your healthy habits don’t make you high-maintenance. They make you high-performing.

22. Be passionate about good skincare.

23. If you aren’t the smartest & most successful person in the room. You are in the right room.

24. Your mess will be your message. Be fearless and share it in service.

25. Women are craving your work. Lead from the heart. The world needs your light.

26. Your gut is your greatest guru.

27. “Sassy” is not a negative character trait. Sass is an energy. Add a dash here and there for flavour.

28. You are exactly where you are meant to be & it’s ok to be working towards being somewhere else.

29. Love yourself first. Love yourself more. Love yourself first. Love yourself more.

30. Follow what you feel.

31. It’s ok to outgrow people, places and things. It means you’re evolving. This is what we’re going for.

32. It’s not about you.

33. Find the funny.

34. Everything is better when you’re rested.

35. You are in the driver’s seat of your joy.

When in doubt: STRUT!


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